Sunday, January 14, 2001

14th January 2001

Well I managed to get up at 4.00am.....just. I hammered my way to
Cambridge in less than an hour but I think I got flashed by a GATSO
just as I pulled on to the M11 but hopefully it was one of the 80%
that have no film in them. It was quite difficult to turn on
"wide-awake mode" at that ungodly hour but I think it was ok. I am
going back for another bash on Monday morning so it will be another
early night tonight.
Went down to the New Den yesterday to see Millwall play Wigan
Athletic. Great atmosphere as always and a few goals throw in as
well with The Lions bagging three to the oppositions one. If you are
wondering what a scouser is doing down the east end watching
football then is the fault of my old mate Johnny West ( a proper
cockney ). I used to go and watch Millwall with him when they were
in the top flight a few years ago and this present team has a good
chance of taking them back up there. Whenever I tell people I went
to see Millwall they always pull worried faces because of the
Millwall supporters reputation but I have to say that in over a
dozen visits to the old and new grounds I have never seen any
trouble at all so don't beleive the hype, it is a great ground to
watch a match.
I'm off to the studio now to do some work and I'm feeling inspired
today so something could happen. This sudden inspiration has been
brought about by listening to The Posies latest release which is a
live acoustic album. Whenever I play their album "Frosting On The
Beater" it never fails to vibe me up, especially at volume. If you
like your pop loud and melodic with great harmonies then get hold of
this album. Failing that then try and get "Solar Sister" or "Flavour
Of The Month" from Napster.
I think the chat thing is going to happen on Thursday evenings
between 11.00pm and 12.00pm so I will see you there.
11th January 2001
Do you remember earlier in the year when yours truly was in the
frame for presenting a breakfast show for a radio station in
Cambridge? Well the lady who wanted me to have the job resigned
because they didn't like the King Of Pop and she has now got herself
some casual work at another radio station in Cambridge and has been
filling in on the breakfast show herself this week and she has
invited me to do a couple of shows with her tomorrow and Monday. I
have to be there at 5.30!!!!! which means I am leaving here at
4.00am.If by any chance there is anyone reading this who lives in or
near Cambridge then tune into 107.9 The Eagle and hear me and Simone
waking up. Should be a bit of a giggle and I will take along the
video camera and try to film some stuff in between the songs and I
will put up a full report on the site on Monday afternoon, if I'm
not in bed!!!


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