Friday, September 29, 2000

29th September 2000

I was visited this week by Mr Mitt and his delightful wife Treeeza. He
came up to Big Top to blow his harmonica all over my new songs before we
retired to the Spice Carraige for a large curry. He was followed the next
day by Mr Kiley, the drumming man, who came up and played some perky
percussion and even a large cardboard box on one of the tracks and then
retired to the Spice Carraige for a large curry. Instead of moving with
the technology we seem to be moving backwards so I don't suppose it will
be long before Wally gets a tea-chest bass and Nigey Nige joins in on his
accordian. I have been doing a lot more physio at home trying to get my
leg fully vibing so I bought a mini trampoline and have been doing some
low impact aerobics every morning in my bedroom. I guess all I am missing
is the pink leotard and plastic breasts and I could pass myself off as the
new Jane Fonda. I am off to Wales to do some recording with Captain
Blaster next week so I will update next Friday. I think I will be mostly
sitting on my arse ordering people about (no change there!!) and helping
the Captain sound like Todd. Back next week with more Tales From Wales.


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