Thursday, September 21, 2000

21st September 2000

I have been hard at it in the studio today singing my nuts off. I was
supposed to get a visit from the Wally the Welsh Flake but he blew me out
at the last minute, the dodgy taff. He has promised to make an appearance
next week and if does he can do a spot in the wise words and defend his
shabbiness and general tardiness. I got a computer for the studio this
week and it has been giving me stress which is why I have taken so long to
do the diary this week. I thought computers were supposed to make life
easier not get you totally pissed-off (you were warned about these
outbursts!!!!). Still haven't heard the mix of Two Tribes yet so I suppose
I will have to ring ZTT and ask them to send me a copy and hope the cost
will be taken from my next royalty statement. I popped by Tommy's FGTH
site and it seems that most of you are not very happy with the selection
of tracks that ZTT have chosen and that the forthcoming "enhanced cd" will
be more of the same stuff you have already. I guess it was a little
optimistic to expect them to make any real effort for the people
purchasing the fucking thing. My mate Kev tells me that there are copies
of Pleasuredome and Liverpool in digipak sleeves in record shops in Dublin
but I have yet to see them here. The new songs are really shaping up and I
cannot tell you how excited I am. As each layer gets added then I get more
impatient and want it to sound like it does in my head. I cannot wait for
you to hear it because i think it is a giant step forward from the last
album. Mr Mitt is coming down next week to blow his chops onto selective
tracks and will hopefully have some good news for me regarding a duet that
I want to do on the new record but we will have to wait and see if that
comes off.


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