Thursday, June 22, 2000

22nd June 2000

Well I have been a busy boy in the last week or so and that's why the diary is a little late. It is not a coincidence that there is not a game of football on the television tonight and I am in front of the pc with a mouse in my hand whereas every night in the last week I have been in front of a telly with a beer in my hand. Went out on Saturday night up to Hampstead and watched the "big match" in the King Of Bohemia with a few of the chaps. I really don't go in for all this "we hate the Jeeeermans" shit that the national press seem to revel in every time England draw Germany in a tournament. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that the German side were poorer than the England side and that the game was probably the worst of the tournament in terms of the football that was played. The people in Hampstead were stopping traffic and the cars were blowing horns and basically everyone was behaving like we had just won the tournament. I am just worried that we are going to be hearing about this game for the next thirty years like '66. Not satisfied with the feast of football I have been in the studio this week doing a bit of recording with Mitt Gamon ( anyone who reads the guestbook will have read this man's insane rantings but you have to understand he's not well ). We recorded a couple of Mitt's album tracks in an acoustic stylee and then went the pub. Mitt says he will make these tracks available on his website when he gets it up ( the website that is...ooh missus ) The next day me, Mitt and Blind Lemon Phil Harris got together and played some blues and recorded the jam which was a vibe. I would love to be able to play the blues but my belly is full, I am still married and I don't have a drinking problem so I don't qualify as a "proper blues man" but if you won't tell then I won't. Somebody asked me about Marshall Applewhite and what it was all about so I shall tell you. A couple of years ago a comet came past Earth called Halle Bop, do you remember? Well there was a cult in the US called the Heavens Gate and their leader, Doh (real name Marshall Applewhite), told his followers that there was a spaceship that was behind the comet that was going to take them all to the "kingdom level above human" and they all committed suicide to get on the spaceship ( ? ). There was a documentary about them on tv and there was film of this guy talking about what the cult was all about and telling everyone it was there "last chance to evacuate the earth before it was recycled" ( ?? ). So I nicked a sample of his voice and put it in this dance track and invented a band called Marshall Applewhite. I posted the track at as an experiment to see how many people downloaded stuff that they have no background info about. I was surprised and pleased to see that they do and now the experiment is over I decided to tell you about it and let you have a listen to it. I doubt there will be any more "releases" from the Marshall but you never know.


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