Saturday, April 22, 2000

22nd April 2000

Not much to report this week as I am still hobbling around trailing my fat foot behind me. I was contacted last week by a friend of mine who works at a radio station about the possibility of me doing a show for her station but I will fill you in on that if it comes off. I received my x-rays of my foot from the hospital and I will put a picture of my leg on the site when I have the overhaul done and you can check out the hardware for yourselves. I spoke to Mark O'Toole this week about the fakes and discussed a course of action which got underway this week and I will keep you posted as to what happens. Incidentally Mark told me he still has the screws that were taken out of his leg because the hospital presented them to him in a little glass jar!!! Managed to get up to the studio and put my finishing touches to "Onjerry" and now await the fabulous Nigey Nige to come down and put his touch of genius on it so I will be hassling him this weekend until he gives in. It sounds cool and I can't wait for you to hear it. I finally received a cd of the Hairy Pie rehearsals at Kidwelly and will put the live version of "Top Of The Pops Again" on at the weekend so it should be up by Monday or Tuesday so I will mail those on the list and let them know. It was only recorded using one microphone in the room but Tim tweaked it and it captures Hairy Pie in all their glory.


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