Thursday, April 13, 2000

13th April 2000

Well I was feeling a bit sad being tied to my crutches but I was given a huge injection of "belly laugh" by an e-mail I received from "Mr Johnson" of the "New" Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He got my e-mail address because I tried to order his album but he refused to send me a copy. I don't know how this guy doesn't fall off the stage weighed down by the size of his huge balls. I decided to share it with you and see if you think he should be nominated to The Guinness Foundation for inclusion in their record books for having the worlds biggest balls and having more front than Harrods. I would be particularly interested in what US readers would make of his claims, especially those who have seen his band of conmen. You know where I am, let me know! Brian,First, I would like to introduce myself.. I am Davey Johnson, the singer of the New band, which by the way, does not try to pass ourself off as you guys. I have over 250 album credits to my name and the other guys in the band have about the same. I am writing you in hopes of putting your mind at ease about the things you have been concerned with. We are changing the name because of our new record deal. I would also like to offer a few things to you. If you will send some copies of your album, we will be glad to sell it at our shows (free) and send you all the money from the sales. We will also help you get airplay over here.We are musicians just like yourself and all we are doing is making a living. I checked (scan) and see that FGTH record sales have increased by 30 to 40 per cent over the past two years, that can't be all that bad for you guys. Instead of fighting with us why can't we work together for the betterment of us all? I took the time to listen to your song clips and I think you have a very good album, the songs are well written and I really enjoyed them, If we can assist you over here feel free to ask. Maybe we can put all this crap behind us and al move into the future. Let me know your thought.Davey.As you can imagine I let him know my thought and I will probably post my reply next week.


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