Sunday, January 16, 2000

16th January 2000

Football was cancelled this morning so I had the whole Sunday morning to myself so I decided to dedicate it to my adoring public and take advantage of the cheap phone time and upload another freebie for you all. I uploaded the demo version of "Broke" which is very different from the album version and features Billy Currie (formerly of Ultravox) playing some wicked viola. I will let you know where when it has been approved and posted. It's a good job footy was cancelled as Dolly Suker had the kit and he didn't turn up at my house until 10.30, shame he was only an hour too late for the kick off time and 24 hrs late on the cancellation. The Welsh Fusiliers failed to show but I will meet up with some members of Hairy Pie when I will be Andy Coughlan's roadie for a gig he is doing at the Houses Of Parliament. He told me last week that he was doing a gig for the Welsh Labour Party at the HOP and asked me along as his roadie because it is only 18p a pint in the bars inside. No wonder these fuckers can't run the country, they are all in the bar making the most of the subsidised booze!!! Hopefully I can persuade him and Tony K to show for a little session on Wednesday so we can record some new stuff. I've been working on a new tune called "Ansaphone" which is kinda like the "Yule B. Alright" for the next album and will be a major vibe when I get the firm in to play on it. Next posting will probably be Wednesday if my hangover isn't too big and I will fill you in on the "King Of Pop" running for parliament!!!!! Vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!


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