Tuesday, December 21, 1999

21st December 1999

I hope everybody got their mp3 and enjoyed it. Those who haven't received it let me know and I will do another mail out in the New Year because I don't have time to do it now as I am going away. Next year I hope to be giving away a lot more freebies but the logistics of e-mailing them to people is a bit hit and miss because some of you have a restriction on the size of file etc and I can see it being a hassle for people who receive these long files if they don't particularly want them so I have decided to set up a few little spin off sites and give the mp3's away from there. This helps me in that I don't cane my bandwidth and it also gives you a choice of places to visit and pick them up and review them etc and this will help spread word of "The King Of Pop". I will let you know where these sites are and what tracks are available from there. This will take a little time to set up but when it is it will be worth the wait as there will be plenty of goodies on offer. The "Crawling" mp3 I sent was from a session which included "King For A Day", "A Girl Like You", "Broke", and two other unheard tracks called "The Price Of Fame" and "Hit Me One More Time" which is not a cover of Britney!!! There will also be a few live tracks given away also as I am going to be doing a few gigs here and there and it will be my way of making it up to those who can't be there in the flesh. For anyone who will be in Jersey over Xmas I will be playing an unplugged set at The Royal Hotel in St Helier on the 27th and 28th December. I would just like to wish you all a great Christmas and an even better New Year. I would like to thank everyone who has supported this venture this year and I would like to welcome those who will be joining the ranks of the converted for the next century. Have a good one!!!!!!


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