Friday, November 19, 1999

19th November 1999

Went up to the West End this week to do an interview for Radio 2 who are broadcasting a show which takes a look at the career or Trevor Horn. The show will be broadcast on the 18th December but I don't know what time but it is hosted by Stuart Maconie so check your TV and Radio guide. Had a rehearsal with a few old boys on Wednesday for a little performance I will be doing this Saturday in London. I don't know if anybody remembers a band from the 70's called Ace who had a hit with a song called "How Long" but both of the guitarists in the band are friends of mine and one of them, Mr Bam King, will soon be leaving these shores for a new life in New Zealand so it was decided that the band should have a partial reformation and have a party for Bam at the same time and the guys suggested I should play with them and do a couple of my songs. We rehearsed "AGLY" and "KFAD" and a cover of "Eleanor Rigby" so we will be performing at the Priory Inn at the bottom of Muswell Hill tomorrow night so if you're passing, pop in. I will fill you in on the gory details next week, I can see the headlines now "The King Of Pop Rocks with Pensioners". Mr Paul Carrack should be playing keys tomorrow as he was the singer/keys player in Ace so I hope he can handle Nigeynige's keyboard parts.


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