Thursday, November 25, 1999

25th November 1999

The gig with the pensioners in Muswell Hill was a blast, I hope I'm still rocking when I'm their age. Unfortunately Sunday morning came to soon and the King Of Pop's head was not up to playing football with the Phoenix boys but could not let the side down so took one of the vacant spots on the sub's bench and looked forward to nothing more than throwing the ball back into play. This plan went out of the window when I was called on at half-time after Dolly Suker told me it "wasn't happening for him". Scored my second goal of the season but could do nothing about the ten that went into our net!!! Spent Tuesday evening with Mr Mitt down The Depot doing some recording with the fabulous Ian Maidman and the splendid Monti. I managed to stretch the three notes I know over about four tracks and will be going down again on Friday to hear how it sounds. Mitt's songs are a major vibe but he does insist on getting all his friends to play on his album when he should be vibing solo with the acoustic. He says he is wearing the big hat now but I have yet to see any evidence. I would like to ask all the readers of this page if they would like a couple of mp3's for Xmas. If you would then sign the guest book to ensure you receive them. If there is any particular song you would like to hear "unplugged" for Xmas then let me know and I will record the most popular. Seeyanextweek!!


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