Saturday, January 08, 2000

8th January 2001

Spent a couple of hours in the studio today fiddling about with some
of Mr Mitt's harmonica parts on Top Of The Pops Again before coming
home to watch the eclipse which was washed out by cloudy skies but
never mind. I saw something last night which was even better and I
will have to do some surfing and find out what it was. I arrived
home at 2.00am this morning and looking up at the almost full moon I
saw a huge ring of light around it. My description is wholly inept
and cannot begin to describe this amazing sight. I tried to film a
bit with the video camera but it was too dark and I couldn't get a
decent picture which was a shame. Although it was late I awoke Mrs
Nash from her romantic dinner with Robbie Williams / Nicholas Cage
and told her to come downstairs and check it out. She got up and had
a quick look and mumbled something before going back to bed. I guess
the wonders of the universe are more wonderful to some than to
I have just begun arranging a different way of ordering my album so
people can order it using their credit card over the phone. The
amount of hits I have had compared to the number of orders make me
think that people are still very hesitant about putting their
details on the web so we are trying the human approach for 2001.
This should be sorted in a couple of days.
Finally I need to get some input from y'all about when I should do
my on-line chat. I was thinking of doing one hour a week so I am
open to suggestions as to when that hour should be. get back to me
and I will "talk" to you next week.


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