Friday, January 21, 2000

21st January 2000

Regular readers of this page have no doubt been thinking I am still in bed with the world's worst hangover after my day out larging it with MP's but you are very wrong. I rang Mr Coughlan on Monday night to tell him I had been saving my pocket and washing the neighbour's car to earn a few bob for my night only to be told "Oh, it's been cancelled but I forgot to tell you". This is a perfect example of the shabby behaviour that myself, and the other members of Hairy Pie, have had to put up with in recent years. I have asked him to attend biology classes in night school so he can tell the difference between his arse and his elbow but he is not having any of it. Recording cancelled this week as the shabby Taffs were otherwise engaged so it is postponed until the all come back from Nashville in a week's time. Don't fret because there is no danger that The King Of Pop will be doing an Elvis Costello and going country on ya!! I will get back to y'all on new recordings when my band find their way back to Barnet. I have been checking my pages at to see how many of you have been helping yourselves and frankly I'm rather disappointed at the few downloads so you better buck up your ideas or I will have to have words with you all individually. You have been warned!!!!!!


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