Monday, February 28, 2000

28th February 2000

I survived the day out at Wembley and managed to contain my drinking to pre-match and headed off straight home after the final whistle. I was going to post a live version of "Top Of The Pops Again" over the weekend but I have asked Mr Tim, The Sonic Doctor and owner of the studio where the recording was done, to see if he could clean it up so the quality was a little better. This process involves peeling the tape out of the cassette box and stretching it around four upright microphone stands until the section of tape that needs enhancing is exposed. The Sonic Doctor then applies a Brillo pad until the tape is gleaming and almost see-through. This process increases the sound quality ten-fold but should only be carried out by trained technicians.... and if you believe that you will believe anything. When Mr Tim sends me the cd of it then I will pos


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