Friday, February 18, 2000

18th February 2000

Got back from Liverpool last night despite being delayed for 75 minutes on the train, which was held up by horses on the track, I think I have heard it all now. The announcements from the guard were hysterical, "ladies and gentlemen, the reason we are crawling along is that the horses are actually running in front of the train", "the horses have been captured and we will be moving along shortly", "the horses have escaped again and we will resume our journey when we have caught them again". The whole train was laughing despite the delay. The gig at the Voodoo Room was very poorly attended but did not stop the boys from rocking up a storm. I think the low turnout may have been due to the Artic weather and hailstones that were falling or maybe everyone just thinks I'm shit!!!!. I met up with a few more guestbook visitors who seemed to enjoy themselves and it was nice to meet them in the flesh as well as in cyberspace. There will be more gigs to follow as soon as I book them. I have just booked some time at Sonic One in Wales to record the rest of the new album which won't be released for a while yet but I will get it in the can while everyone is around. After playing with the boys for the last couple of days it has really vibed me up about doing some recording and doing it all together in the same room because the sound is immense. Hopefully more of you will get to hear these boys play in the coming months because they really are something else and I am privileged to have such good musicians/mates who want to contribute to the master plan.


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