Tuesday, July 11, 2000

11th June 2000

Hope you enjoyed my little brush with Mother Nature, I could almost hear the collective "aaaar" from here. The new recording session will be arranged and confirmed later this week and then I can get "Le Grande Fromage" rolling again. I am about to buy a computer for my studio and get into this hard disk recording caper and I am certainly not looking forward to the learning curve. I will be meeting up with Grant Boult, my partner in Low, on Tuesday to discuss the release of "Enter The Bigger Reality". I think we may release it under the name of Dr Jolly's Salvation Circus because there is a band in the US that is called Low ( I am a big fan, check them out if you like all your songs slow and moody ). In case you haven't looked I have put some new links on the site which can direct you to all the free nasher mp3's you could ever want. Should you visit any of these sites then please take the time to write your own reviews where you can and let newcomers know all about my pop songs. When I am getting close to finishing the new album I will place some new stuff on a few of these sites and I will let you know when. I will be putting up a DJSC site at www.mp3.com in the next couple of days, or maybe this evening after the footy, and you will be able to hear a few freebies from the forthcoming album. As always I will keep you posted via e-mail so if you have not subscribed to the king of pop's mailing list then do so via the guestbook or e-mail me direct via the links page.


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