Saturday, July 15, 2000

15th July 2000

I went along to a gig last night with the Rocking Mr P expecting it to be
the highlight of my week. I have been a fan of The Eels since I first
heard Novocaine For The Soul and I have bought their three albums and have
enjoyed them all so you can imagine how excited I was to be going to see
them. Anyway they were a bit crap. This was due to, in my opinion, the
wrong song selection and the sound in the balcony of Hammersmith Apollo
being absolute toilet. I don't go and see bands that often because being a
pop genius I am a critical bastard and there are very few bands that
escape my scathing tongue so the anti-climax of last night's performance
made the journey home from West London seem a very long one. I think it is
the first gig I have been to where the band didn't play their last hit
which was "Mr E's Beautiful Blues" which I believe was a record company
release rather than a choice of the band as it was included on their last
album as a bonus track!! Now I am mobile I am going to be organising some
gigs (again, I hear you groan). My leg is almost back to normal except
that it has been set wrong and in order for me to bend my knees straight
and walk properly I have to have my foot sticking out to the side. I am
off to see my physio next week and get his opinion on the matter but I am
very worried that I will have to get it re-broken and set again which is
something I am dreading considering the bad time I had first time round.
It is either that or walk like Charlie Chaplin for the rest of my life.
Off out for a drink with the chaps from the Sunday Football team and this
will be the last gathering of this talented bunch of athletes because the
team is folding because I have retired from playing and there is nobody to
take over the running of the team. My retirement means that Gerard
Houllier will have to win the Premiership without my silky skills on the
right hand side.


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