Sunday, September 10, 2000

10th September 2000

Came back from Liverpool last night with my three kids in the car after my
second visit in a week. I was previously known as the Anfield jinx but my
two visits so far this season has seen The Reds score six goals and take
six points. I have just picked up a new pc for the studio and I will be
jumping into the world of hard disk recording from tomorrow. I think it is
only fair to warn you that the next few weeks could be very stressful and
you should probably expect to see one or two outbursts from me slagging
off the new technology as I grapple with bastard and try not to lose my
temper / data. The new tunes are taking shape and now that the kids are
back at school I will be able to get stuck in to some recording over the
next couple of weeks. Met up with Ket last night and discussed all the new
things we are going to have and he is going to get stuck into that so
hopefully there will be some new vids etc in the coming weeks. I still
haven't received one single photo from someone holding my album so seeing
as it's all action this end then you lot better pull your finger out at
that end!!!!!


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