Wednesday, September 06, 2000

6th September 2000

I am back from my short stay in Jersey with The Laws and The Packs where a
wonderful time was had by all. Having done all the tourist stuff in
Jersey in previous visits the only new adventure was a day out at Jersey
Races. The racetrack is on the corner of the island that faces Sark and
Guernsey and is a brilliant location but a lot of horses don't travel
over. I went to the races with JP, a bit of a tipster in his spare time,
and we both lost our shirts. He got an odds-on winner in the first and I
couldn't pick my nose. The fact that there was dramatic loss of beer
tokens did not dampen our enthusiasm for "the sport of kings", more like
"the sport of mings". I will be speaking to Ket the Web-Geezer on Sunday
about the new site (honestly, it's coming soon !!!!!!) and I hope to have
lots of vids and interviews and stuff for you to stream. I will be buried
in the studio for the next few weeks to finish the new tracks apart from
short day trips to Liverpool to watch the Reds. Going up tomorrow and then
again on Saturday. I ask you: Does it get any better than this: holidays,
great friends, footy and great new songs?????? I think you will be the
judge of that!!! Got to go as there is a cold bottle of Budvar with my
name on it.


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