Sunday, October 08, 2000

8th October 2000

Back from a week in Wales with Captain Blaster. Hairy Pie were on loan to
him for one week and together they made a splendid sound and left yours
truly on the sidelines making the tea and telling Nigey Nige to stop
playing a million notes a once. I swear that man has additional fingers
that he attaches for recording sessions so he can play the 5th & the 7th
and the 9th and the 11th and the demolished 4th with an F# on the bass.
Spent the nights in a B&B in Llanelli which was a vibe except having a
fried breakfast every day will probably have put a couple of inches on the
waistline. Nights were disturbed by the Captain snoring so I had to employ
some bog roll ear-plugs. I put this inventive improvisational touch down
to years of watching Blue Peter. After almost a year of requesting
pictures of you lot I finally received one from Tez Reed who took Ripe on
her holidays and took a cool snap next to a pretty young so she will be
receiving a special prize this week sometime, nice one Tez! I read the
review of the "new" FGTH album in Q put I have yet to get a copy so I will
have to get on to ZTT this week and claim my free copy so I will let you
know my thoughts when I get it through my letterbox. Keep it here.

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