Saturday, December 16, 2000

16th December 2000

So here we are again, still making excuses for the site not being up. Ket
has been a busy boy and has to pay his rent and put food in his mouth so
he can only help me when he has some spare time which unfortunately for me
is not very often. Well I suppose I better fill you in on what has been
going on since we last spoke. I went to see Nigey Nige do a gig with
Martyn Joseph. It was at the Purcell Rooms in the Royal Festival Hall
(very posh). Went down with Tony K and met up with Mr Boult and Captain
Blaster. I had never seen Martyn before and really enjoyed the first half
of the gig but unfortunately we were distracted during the interval by a
few stray beers and had to round them up and therefore did not catch the
second half of the show. Nige was boss and sang and played well and Martyn
was excellent in the self-deprecating humour which was applied by the
spadeful. I travelled up to Liverpool last Sunday to watch the football
and by the time I had arrived home later the same day then I was beginning
to think why I bothered. The team were pants and deservedly lost 0-1.
There was one person who was smiling that day and that was Tall Paul from
Newport who had made the trip from South Wales with Newport Nikk ( Red ),
Lenny ( Hammer ) and Simon Flat-Top. I think the Tractor Boy will need
plastic surgery to get the grin off his face. It is the first time I have
seen them lose this season and the journey home was a long one. I was in
the studio on Tuesday with Cujo recording some of their rocking tunes.
Thursday was a trip down to Islington to do an interview with a guy from
Chrysalis TV who are the people behind the current "Top Ten". They are
doing an "Ex-rated Top 10" which features Relax. It is supposed to go out
in March next year and I will inform y'all if I find out beforehand.
Tomorrow I am off for a few beers and a day of football and music. The day
will begin at midday with the game between Manchester United and Liverpool
which could really determine the rest of the day depending on the outcome.
After an afternoon of scooping we will be off to watch Monti and his band
Sulpher ( if you like hardcore industrial devil's music
). It is not normally the sort of thing I listen to but it is done very
well and kicks a very large botty. hopefully by the time you read this all
the other links on the site will be fired up.


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