Friday, November 17, 2000

17th November 2000

Well the Low gig at the Union Chapel was an awesome experience. They are
in serious danger of becoming my top band of all time. The venue was an
old church which suited their "quiet" music perfectly. I would like to
play this venue myself one day but I think I may struggle to fill the 1000
capacity!! Wednesday was a top vibe despite it being Wembley Arena. The
Who playing their greatest hits for nearly two hours, well it just doesn't
get any better than that does it. Townshend and Entwistle on excellent
form and playing as good as ever, Daltrey giving it loads and Zak Starkey
filling some very big shoes on the drum stool ( Keith Moon's, not Kenney
Jones'). You may notice the date at the top of this page for a gig in
Liverpool next year. I will add other dates to this when they come in. I
was doing some "web work" with Ket on the stuff for the new site which is
coming along. It is taking this long because Ket has about 15 other sites
to do at the same time so I am helping him out where I can doing little
bits of pages. I would like to apologise to anyone who has mailed me at
the "kingofpop" e-mail address because they have been stacked at the
server since I changed web hosting and I have had a look at them and will
set up an e-mail account after I have done this page and collect them and
answer over the weekend. I hope to do them tomorrow but I cannot guarantee
that my head will be working properly because I have a 30th birthday to go
to tonight with a few of the chaps and it could get a bit ugly ( curries
etc ).


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