Sunday, October 15, 2000

15th October 2000

Just got back from the pub after watching The Reds destroy a particularly
crap Derby County side (sorry Derby fans, but it is true!!). After weeks
of threatening to come over to see me, Mr Wal has finally turned up. He
said he was going to come down and help me do some recording but he is
only stopping overnight and then fucking-off to Belfast to shake his
tail-feather after he has helped himself to my wine rack and my Z-bed. I
promised you that when he did turn up I would allow him to do a couple of
paragraphs in the "Wise Words" so here he is, the dodgy Taff in all his
literary glory, Dylan Thomas must be shitting himself!!
To begin at the beginning, were Derby that crap to make a very average
Liverpool look that good? We had a great week in Big Tim's, test driving
my new toy (HOFNER COMMITTEE BASS). We are hoping to have a few live
performances with our Bri next year, if he can still remember how to do
it?? (sing live I mean). Anyway nice to speak to you all ,must dash ,pints
to drink, planes to catch,,, and all that bollox, see u soon Motor bike
boy Wal.
Thanks Wal. Told you he wasn't staying long.
I nearly forgot......... Next Sunday I am playing at the Peakbeat Festival
in Matlock, Derbyshire. All details are available from .
I will be doing a little acoustic thing so hopefully see you there.


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