Thursday, November 09, 2000

9th November 2000

Quite an eventful week that will hopefully be topped off with a top gig
tomorrow night.. Sunday night was spent in the garden with my son playing
with small explosives. My wife had taken my two daughters to see Mel C (
yes, very sad I know but what can you do) so it was only fair that "the
chaps" got to blow things up in the garden. This was followed by pizza and
watching "Aliens" in the dark. Tuesday was a swift trip across the channel
for a Xmas booze run with two foxy chicks. Shopping with women isn't
always bad chaps!!!!! It depends on who you are shopping with!!! It was
like the Krypton Factor!! Q: How much cheap wine can you get in a Rav 4?
A: Enough to have a really good party. My love of red wine could seriously
get out of hand with cupboards being turned into wine racks etc. Football
this evening watching The Reds in Europe; a victory but not very inspiring
which bring me to tomorrow night. I am off to see Low again at the Union
Chapel in Highbury which should be a major major vibe. The gig is in a
church and you watch the band whilst sitting in pews apparently and the
venue should be perfect fro the band. I may have another entry tomorrow
night but I may suspend my gig review until next Wednesday night when I
get back from going to see THE WHO!!!!!
30th October.
Three games, nine goals and nine points!!!!! Does this mean the Anfield
hoodoo is well and truly over. I left for Liverpool yesterday morning and
belted up the motorway in two hous and forty-five minutes but
unfortunately the journey home was to be a lot longer because of the gales
and mental weather we have experienced in England over the weekend.
Despite the rain my spirit could not be dampened during the FIVE hour
journey home. The traffic was ridiculous all the way down the M6 and I
don't think I got out of second gear until I reached Birmingham. I arrived
home to find water leaking through my ceiling and several buckets arranged
around the floor. Thankfully nothing has been really damaged and as I am
writing this my mate Kevin and his brother Mick are outside braving the
last of the gales to repair my roof. Go to go and make the workies some


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