Tuesday, December 05, 2000

5th December 2000

Sorry for the lack of wise words in the past couple of weeks but I have
been otherwise distracted by organising the various things for the site
update. The site went down at the server a couple of weeks ago and that is
the reason that parts of the opening page are missing etc. I thought I
would fill you in on what new stuff was going to be included when we
finally get it up. There will be three videos: two live acoustic
performances from the Flying picket last year. there are acoustic versions
of "King For A Day" and "A Girl Like You" and a video from a Welsh tv show
called Heno where me and the chaps performed "A Girl Like You". There will
also be some streaming radio interviews from when I was running round the
country doing promo stuff for "Ripe". We will also have a chat area which
I intend to visit once a week and chat to y'all at a time to be decided
and there will also be a few new pics of me and the chaps. I hope to get
this sorted as soon as possible and I apologise for the shabbiness.


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