Wednesday, December 27, 2000

27th December 2000

Happy Christmas to one and all. I hope Santa brought you everything you
wanted and you haven't overdosed from eating too much pud or too many
mince pies. I am currently writing this in Ket's house while he puts
together his new toy and I catch up with the "wise words". At the moment
my house is like Barnet General. All the beds are full of sick people. My
two kids and my missus are laid up with the 'flu and I don't think it will
be long before yours truly retires to bed feeling " a little bit achy".
Last night saw a large amount of the white stuff falling from the Heavens.
Everywhere looks "very xmassy" and the afternoon was so nice I jumped in
the car and drove over to Mill Hill with the video camera and took a few
stills of the sun going down on the wintry landscape. I hope I have
painted a suitably awesome picture in your head because the view was
excellent. We receive these wonderful gifts from Mother Nature every day
but we very rarely have time to appreciate them......Shut Up Hippy and
tell us about the music. Mr Wal is laid up in bed after having an
operation to remove a couple of broken discs. That's what he is telling us
but I think the operation might have been for the king size haemorrhoids
that are hanging from his Fife and Drum. Poor Wal is going to be on his
back for at least a month so if you catch me playing live and the bass
player is horizontal then don't think he is pissed or a drugged- up rock
'n' roller because it's just an old man who can't hack it anymore.
Seriously though, it can't be much fun for the hyperactive champ of South
Wales to be chained to a bed for a month. Anyway I'm off for another Xmas
cold one to leave Ket with his new toy. I will see y'all in the New Year.
Happy New Year.

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