Sunday, October 29, 2006

15th October 2001

As you can see there are amended details regarding the forthcoming
gigs this week. The first one at The Fishpond will be a solo
acoustic show unless Timbo decides he wants to come along for the
jolly. He was intending to come but he has someone in the studio the
next day and that would mean a late night haul home which is about
four hours plus form Derbyshire to South Wales so I may have to
tough it out on my own. The gig at The Boat Inn will be more of a
guest appearance as they have a local band that play there on
Fridays and I think I may just be doing a little slot but anything
could probably happen.
After months of delay etc I have finally managed to get my credit
card facility up and running after much form filling and checking
and basically a lot of fucking about. This means that you can buy
stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be speaking to my mate in Liverpool this
week to try and sort out some nice polo shirts that will be
available hopefully by early next year.
On the music front, I had TK down this week in my studio doing some
Abba stuff for a mate of his but I managed to get him to record a
tambourine on a track called "Opportunity Knocks" which is something
I recorded a while ago and have decided to include it on "Le Grande
Fromage". I wasn't sure about it and had left it on the back burner
for ages but when I dug the tapes out and gave it a whirl it sounded
a lot better than I remembered. I have another tune called "The
Price Of Fame" which has also been dusted off for inclusion. I know
that you are thinking "this smacks of desperation, going over old
tunes!!" but it is not desperation at all. I have realised that they
are both good songs and that I should let you decide if they are any
good instead of acting like some tosser A&R man and leaving them out
because they don't pop my cork on a particular day.
Went up to the 'pool on Saturday to watch us play Leeds. We sucked
big logs and for those who are interested Fowler was garbage. I
think this is one abject performance too much in my opinion and he
should be sold. he is clearly not the player he was and would
benefit from a new club and a new challenge. I could ITV's
highlights that night and was dumbfounded to hear the commentator
describe Liverpool's play as "exhilarating". If he thinks that was
"exhilarating" he needs to get out more.
More Car Wars last week when I managed to drive my car into the back
of another road-user. It was wet and he pulled up sharply at a zebra
crossing and I hit the brakes and skidded. Luckily neither he nor I
were hurt but Mrs Nash, who I was taking to work, got a seat belt in
the throat and was sent home from work about an hour later so it
wasn't all bad. Things took a turn for the worse when I picked up
the courtesy car from the crash repair place. Vauxhall Corsas
fucking suck. What a peice of shit car. I drove it up to Liverpool
and spanked it all the way. I just about managed to get it up to
100mph but it was going downhill with a tailwind. i will certainly
look forward to driving it up to Derbyshire later this
I am off to the stduio via the launderette (so glamourous these rock
star lives) to do some rehearsing for Thursday and work out a
setlist. Tomorrow is another booze run to France and not soon
enough. I get really fucked off having to pay top price for wine in
the offy so I will stock up big time because I don't know when I
will be going next.
As I am away on Thursday there will be no chat so I will return next
Thursday for more tales of Corsas, launderettes and cheap wine!!


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