Sunday, October 29, 2006

27th September 2001

Well Serial P.O.P. were a top vibe. The last time I saw them play
was in The Monarch in Chalk Farm which always sounds shit and no
doubt I have mentioned this on these pages before. It was good to go
to a venue that had a half-decent sound man who cared about the
sound instead of some deaf twat who is more concerned about the bass
drum taking everyone's head off. I recorded the gig for Grant and
have not had a chance to listen back to it but hearing it loud and
live was great anyway. You will have to keep your ears out for these
boys because they may be going places if they turn in a few more
performances like that.
I have been working in the studio this week plastering and carpeting
and hoovering and nailing and screwing and it finally looks like a
studio again. just a bit of soldering to do on Monday but that may
have to wait until I have recovered from the weekend exploits in
Vienna. All of the chaps are off tomorrow to celebrate KP's 40th and
I only hope that on Monday I will still remember most of it to write
some "wise words".
Saw Ade Bushby today who is an old mate from Swanyard days who is
now the top mixer bloke and does lots of famous people like Kylie,
The Spice Girls, New Order, The Doves and loads of others too
numerous too mention. He came up to Barnet to slum it with the
KOP and catch up and fill in the gaps of the last year or however
long it is since we last met and it was very nice to see him.
I am doing another gig the night after the one in Matlock in a place
nearby called Cromford but it is more like a guest thing rather than
a gig of my own so those who are interested in going can mail me and
I will give you the details. I wil be performing some solo stuff on
the acoustic and to be honest the regular gig-goers won't be missing
anything special but you are all welcome to come along and enjoy
this very nice part of England.
Anyway I'm off to post this before I go and pack my toothbrush and
passport so I will catch ya next week.


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