Sunday, October 29, 2006

11th September 2001

Just sitting here listening to the footy commentary and updating the
info above and thought I would share my thoughts with you regarding
today's tragic events in The US. I just happened to switch on BBC
News 24 about five past two and saw the image of the World Trade
Centre on fire. I then watched it for the next hour and saw the
tragedy unfold into my living room. It was bizarre and shocking but
very unreal. It was so like "Die Hard" I was half expecting to see
Bruce getting interviewed in his vest. If there is anyone reading
this who has any connection with the incidents my thoughts are with
you and please don't think I am being flippant. It must be weird for
Americans to experience terrorism like this so close to home and on
such a massive scale whereas we, over here, are almost blase about
bombs going off in the city. It makes me wonder about how massive
the reprisals will be for the people behind it. I would have never
thought that someone would get close enough to cause such
devastation. I once discussed with Stevie B the possibility of some
suicide bomber being sent over by Saddam and dropping some serious
germs in the centre of a major city. It would be so easy. That is
the really scary thing about this, mass destruction on various
scales is now pocket sized and available. I think we would feel a
lot more vulnerable if we had experienced the gas attack on London
Underground instead of it being in Japan. These people are so
radical they will think nothing of the cost to innocent lives
because they are so committed to their cause. I have a feeling that
the fourth plane that crashed may have some survivors because we
have not seen any footage of that yet and I reckon the FBI etc will
be crawling all over it by now looking for clues. I cannot imagine
that there is any part of Pittsburgh that is too remote for public
access and some punter with a video camera but we will have to wait
and see.
I forgot to mention about another death in our family on Saturday.
While I was on my way to Liverpool with the kids my wife had to take
our cat Clancy to the vets for "the final walk". I felt terrible
that I wasn't there for her and the cat and was pleased that KP,
formerly "The Cat Man of Finchley" and a big buddy of Clancy's, was
able to take Claire down there. Clancy was a boss cat and was given
to me my our FGTH roadie French John who rescued her from his
agressive neighbour when she was a kitten. I brought her up to
Liverpool to give to Claire just before we did our first tour of the
US. She was born in 1984 so she was ancient in cat years and had had
a really good life. She will be missed by all of us but not by our
other cat, Chelsea, who has just moved on to double rations. See you
next week.


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