Sunday, October 29, 2006

19th July 2001

Before I begin this week I have a big apology to make to Sheryl who
is married to Yash the dodgy car dealer. Now if it isn't bad enough
being married to Yash, she has to put up with being ignored in the
last weeks "wise words" despite being the hostess with the mostess.
So Sheryl, I apologise in front of the world and I will apologise in
person when I see you next. I am very rude and have been reprimanded
by your husband and I hope this mention is some recompense.
It was barbeque time again on Saturday and me and all the family
went to my daughter's school. Spent the evening in the company of Mr
and Mrs Chan and a bottle of red wine. Mr Chan and I discussed food
for about three hours and have arranged for a meal in Chinatown in
the not too distant future. I got lucky and won a prize at the
raffle, not once but twice! So the first time I go up I can select
any prize from the display. Most of the bottles of spirits had gone
and there were a few bottles of wine and a few other nutty prizes
and one which really caught my eye. It was a king size lollipop from
the US that was as big as a tennis racket and weighed 3lbs. When I
went to select my prize I wanted to take the lolly but all the kids
who were surrounding it pleaded "No! no! pleeease mister!" so I
picked a bottle of white wine instead. However when I won again I
was not going to be persuaded so easily and I asked for the
lollipop. All the kids complained because they wanted a crack at
winning it but I still wanted it. Even when a little girl about
fours years old was clinging to it and screaming I still wanted it
so I took it. "What a bastard!" I hear you cry. Well I reckon kids
get their own way far too often, so tough! Life is going to be full
of disappointments so you better get used to it. I find out later
that the woman who was handing out the prizes had donated the
lollipop and the girl who was screaming for it was her daughter. It
turns out that she had got it as a pressie from the States and
didn't want her kids to eat 3lbs of pure sugar so she was delighted
to see the back of it. It made me feel a little less like the bad
guy knowing that the little girl would not have got it even if she
had won.
Went to Barnet General Hospital with my daughter on Monday because
she hadn't been feeling well all weekend. We went to A&E and the
waiting time was four hours!! There was a lady there who was in her
70's and she had a large plaster over her calf and because she
wasn't in pain she had been waiting seven hours. This is a fucking
disgrace and fortunately for me not something I didn't have to
endure because my wife works there as a nurse and we got a bit of
preferential treatment but she was still there at 11.00pm and we had
arrived at 6.30 so it's not that preferential. I hope this
government we have just re-elected will get the NHS back on it's
knees because I think getting it back on it's feet is a pipe dream.
Tuesday I went to France on a wine run with my freinds and fellow
drunks Liz and Janice. Good laugh as usual. It really is amazing how
much wine you can get into a Rav 4. I got 50 bottles and a couple of
cases of Hooegarden. Did my second "bad guy deed of the week" by
ordering veal for lunch!! Ket will kill me! Washed it down with one
of those two pint beers which went down very well. For those who may
be coming to Gosport via the tunnel Le Shuttle is really excellent
and getting on and off is minimum fuss. Seeing as my wine racks are
full I suppose I will be getting a visit from Wal who is as partial
to a red as I am.
I won't be in the chat room this Thursday because I will be going to
bed early as I have an early start on friday morning. Me and Kev
White are off to Lytham St Annes to watch The Open Golf
Championship. It is a bit of a yomp to get there but I reckon it
will be worth it. The only bummer will be if it starts raining. I
have had a look at the website and reckon we might plot up on the
ninth hole, a short par three, so keep and eye out for me. If it
rains i will be the pissed-off looking geezer dressed in black. I
will fill you in on my Northern Adventure when I get back.


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