Sunday, October 29, 2006

31st May 2001

Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the
street......well not quite but the sunshine finally broke through
for more than a day and we have had a few days glorious weather but
as I write this and look out of the back window I fear the warm
spell is coming to a close and there are showers imminent. Well what
have we been doing while the sun has been cracking the flags
outside?? I have been stuck in the studio swapping amplifiers and
trying to sort out the numerous faults in my studio. After two days
of soldering and unsoldering jack plugs and crawling around the back
of my rack I can safely say my vocabulary for swear words has
increased rather dramatically. After swapping two amps I finally
went back to the one I took out a year ago and got everything
working properly except for a couple of dodgy channels which I will
fix today. I was supposed to be on the other side of the glass today
with Wal doing the button pushing but he has pulled out at the last
minute because he has to do a matinee performance of his Beatles
show which me and Frankie B went to see last week. The show is
called "All You Need Is Love" and has just opened in the West End
and Wal got a couple of tickets for me and Frank to pop down and
check it out. It is a music/dancing thing with slightly altered
arrangements of Beatles songs. I thought it was very entertaining
and had a great time watching one of the dancers who really knew how
to shake her stuff and Wal of course whose illuminated dome could be
clearly seen bopping away in the gantry above the stage. I went out
to see my mate Afro-Celt Martin down in the depths of Hackney last
night and got a sneak preview of the new Afro-Celt Sound System
album which was a vibe. Before I went out last night I made the
steps to sorting out my own credit card facility (about time I hear
you say) so for any of you who are reading this and do not have the
very fine debut album then your chance to purchase is not to far
away. When I get this payment sorted then there is a good chance
that I will be sorting out the "Enter The Bigger Reality" album and
maybe some t-shirts and stuff so you better start saving all your
pennies up now. I spoke to Ket yesterday about putting a link on the
site and some instructions on mIRC for people who want to join in
the chat on Thursday nights. I know from some correspondence I
received this week that a few of you have trouble trying to get in
last week and i would bet that most of you were trying to access the
room via the site and it is much better using mIRC. I am still
getting to grips with mIRC and all it can do and know that it is not
straightforward so maybe with the help of Ket's instructions we can
all become "mIRC aware" and chat to our hearts content. I am off now
to Currys to buy a mini disc recorder and a DVD player with a large
gift voucher. Technology....we love it in our house!!!


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