Sunday, October 29, 2006

25th March 2001

Let me begin by saying Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out
there. Low was a top vibe. It is quite weird standing in a theatre
with 2000 people while a band are playing and there is absolute
respectful silence. They played most of the stuff from their new
album and a couple from the last with a couple of oldies thrown in,
a perfect combo for any gig. I went to the gig with Stevie B (hope
it's not too loud), 'Arris (it's a bit too loud) and Afro Celt
Martin. I am going to do some recording with Martin who has now
finished the Afro Celt's album and has a little free time on his
hands so I have beaten him into submission and he is going to record
some vocals with me. When I recorded "ripe" I had Wal come down and
man the controls so that I could concentrate on getting the singing
right but he was laid up with the bad back and now has to do a stint
in the West End so he has been replaced by Mart. I hope this will be
in the next week or so and then the final peice of the puzzle will
be Nigey Nige coming down to put some fairy dust on the top. He is
currently doing some pony gospel music in Nashville when he really
should be in "Nash-ville" vibing up my tracks. I am waiting to hear
from The Borderline in London about doing a gig on the day before
the gig in Southampton so as soon as it is confirmed it will appear
at the top of this page.


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