Sunday, July 24, 2005

25th February 2000

I received my e-mail this morning and was chastised for not putting up some wise words this week so here goes. Not much been happening this week except making a few calls to promoters etc to try and set up some gigs. I was in the studio last night and will be there today working on a new songs. The one I am on at the moment is a tune called "Face The Music" which is a song about my ex-manager and the trials and tribulations of being sued. I did the acoustic guitar last night and worked on some ideas for backing vocals and I will be wailing for most of today. I will be going to Wembley this Sunday to see the mighty whites take on Leicester. I am going with my mate Jeff who's capacity for alcohol and over-indulgence is legendary round these parts so your correspondent will have to take care not to end up talking broken biscuits on Wembley way. I have a cassette of the band rehearsing and although the quality of recording is not pristine I think I may post a live track at the page over the weekend so I will let you know. It depends on whether I can still the monitor on Sunday night.


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