Tuesday, May 22, 2001

22nd May 2001

Let me begin this edition of the wise words by thanking all of you
who signed their birthday wishes to me in the guestbook. So I am now
38 years old and wondering when I am going to start acting it!! I
keep thinking that sooner or later I will wake up on my birthday and
a light bulb will illuminate above my head and a voice inside my
head will say "OK!! Party's over!!! Time to be an adult". It is a
voice I have been waiting for since my 18th but I have yet to hear
it (and hope I never will!!). Well it has been a phenomenal week and
despite the moaning we have in the chat room we cannot let this week
pass without mention of the football. Yes I know I am turning this
website into "Sportszone" but the season is over and it will not be
mentioned again unitl September and it was a somewhat spectacular
week for my team so I will ask you all to indulge me while I talk
you through it. The FA Cup Final: We got a bit of a pasting from the
Arse' for the first 75 minutes of the game but robbed the North
London pensioners with two great goals from Michael Owen. The second
was a fucking belter and worthy of winning any cup final. Needless
to say I have had the sour gooners on the phone moaning about how
"we wuz robbed" but footy is a game of 90 minutes and if you switch
off after 70 minutes because you have gone a goal up then you
deserve all you get. We didn't get to the Spice Carraige but still
managed a late night curry which was mostly left uneaten by myself
(very true to form). There should be some doctor in a university
somehwere who should be doing a thesis on why half pissed geezers
fancy a curry until it turns up on the table and their appetite has
disappeared after two poppadoms. Fuck "life on other planets" etc.
We want to know about drunks in curry houses (or maybe that's just
me?). So anyway, we won our second cup of the season and were about
to try and win a third one in Dortmund against the plucky Spanish
team Alaves. This game will go down as the final that had
everything: Goals, errors, players sent off. Any football fan who
watched this game would have had a great evening in front of the
telly. I think I would have been happy even if we had lost because
it was such a great game. The Spanish lost the game with a "Golden
Own-Goal" which, in my opinion, was a shitty way for us to win/them
to lose such a great game. The guy who scored the goal must have
been gutted. So we have won three cups but still have to win our
last league game to ensure entry into next years big money cup
(Champions League) and we beat Charlton 4-0 after gettting a bit of
a pasting in the first half. So we did really well and I won't
mention football now until September so all you anti-footy merchants
can rest easy.I am off with Frannie-B to see Wal play in his west
end show tomorrow night which should be a blast. Tonight Matthew,
Wally is going to be Paul McCartney!! He is playing in this Beatles
show so I will have to check out all his Macca chops and make sure
he is playing them right. It is a good job he doesn't have to play
"Tainted Love" (sorry, private joke!). I will fill you in on the
musical front next time but I am off now to watch some more of my
birthday pressie which was a DVD box set of The Sopranos first
series which Mrs Nash bought for me so I will catch you wiseguys


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