Wednesday, March 21, 2001

21st March 2001

Well what have we been up to this week!! I have been at home for
most of the last two days as my daughter has been unwell and was off
school so Dad has been down the doctors and administering the
medicine (nice two-hour wait in the surgery to be told my daughter
has "the lurgi that is going 'round"). I went up to Liverpool on
Sunday to see the Reds play Derby County. Not a great game but you
have to go just in case it is. I am getting fired up for going to
see Low tomorrow at Shepherds Bush Empire which, unlike the footy,
should be guaranteed entertainment and a vibe for all concerned and
I will let you know how they were next time. While I am writing this
I have my studio pc next to me and I am running off some prize cd's
for the people who have sent their exotic holiday snaps so Angela,
Tall Paul and Marky Mark: Your cd's will be on their way soon. I
have had all the info from my busted pc tranferred to my studio pc
and now I have to sling it all onto the new pc. I have also been
touching up a photo which I am going to use for the sleeve of "Le
Grande Fromage". It is a picture of 'Arris's late brother George
playing the guitar and he definitely looks like the big cheese so I
guess I had to use it. While we are on the subject of piccies; I
have just sorted out connecting the video camera to the pc and
picking a couple of stills to put on the site so in the next couple
of days there should be some new pics in the galleries. Anyway I'm
off back to pc hell. No chat this week due to Low so I will see ya
next week.


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