Sunday, March 04, 2001

4th March 2001

Well after a month off I am back on-line and ready to fill you in
all all that has happened since we last spoke. I am sorry that it
has taken so long to get round to doing this but computers are shit
and when they decide to go wrong they go wrong in a big way and
usually just after the warranty runs out. Anyway enough of my
moaning lets get to the meat of it. I will fill in and go backwards.
This week I am going to see The Posies at least twice and maybe
three times if I can make it as they are over here plugging the last
album which was a live unplugged thing called "In Case You Feel Like
Plugging In". They are still one of my fave bands although they
don't technically exist as a band anymore. I will let you know how
it goes. Hope you enjoy the catching up.


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