Friday, May 11, 2001

11th May 2001

Sorry about the lack of wise words for a while but I have had phone
stress. If you live in the UK then you will have seen the
advert.....cheery tune.....smiling engineers.....millions are coming
back to arse!! I should have known that it would be
greif but you always hope that this time it will be painless: no
such luck. Switched back to Bt from NTL and lost use of the phone
for a week and couldn't collect my mail without dismantling the pc
and dragging to the only working telephone point. Connect up your
two other sockets sir.....oh no that will take us five minutes and
cost you £132. So I calmed down and did it myself but you can be
assured that I will writing to Watchdog and try and set Anne
Robinson on them then they will be sorry. Now that the rant is over
I will fill you in what's been going on. I went down to The New Den
with Millwall Johnny West and my son and his mate Harry. Millwall
won the league and everyone was waiting for the party to start and
the atmosphere was excellent. More footy on Tuesday when I spun up
to Liverpool to watch the Reds take on Chelsea in an entertaining
2-2 draw. But these two games are small potatoes compared to the big
game tomorrow. The FA Cup Final in Cardiff tomorrow featuring The
Reds playing Arsenal. If we win then there is a good chance that I
will be singing on my way home. It is an early start tomorrow which
will begin in the pub at about 1.30 with the Four Musketeers on
parade with maybe Moishe in tow and everyone will have to be in peak
physical condition if they are to make the final whistle at 10:00pm
in the Spice Carraige. Come on you Reds!! I have to mention
something about the sharp practice of turning up in the chat room at
11:30 to avoid the idle chat and hoping to catch the bedtime story.
The guilty ones know who they are!!! Only joking of course. In
future the bedtime stories will start from anytime after 11:30 so
make sure you are there by then so you don't miss out. I have been
checking my stats and I am thinking of doing my own census seeing as
they are currently flying about the country with the only difference
is that I won't be bringing it round to your door. I may slot in a
mini section tomorrow for the football heads out there so if you
don't like footy then I will see you next week.


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