Sunday, October 29, 2006

30th July 2001

Monday evening and I have to admit to feeling a little bit worse for
wear but I will get to the cause of my ills after we catch up on
what's been happening this week. I went down to Camden on Tuesday to
see Serial POP at The Monarch. I enjoyed the gig despite the crap
sound they always have in there. I was with Yorkie Steve who I met
at Yash's do and the night began with a few beers in Crouch End for
starters. Met a guy diwn there called Gavin Watson who is a former
skinhead from Wycombe who spent his early years taking pictures of
him and his skinhead mates when they were growing up. I bought the
book today and some of the pics are really excellent and capture the
time brilliantly. Got stuck into the DIY in the studio and ripped
out the carpet from the control room and did all my prep work and I
was due to start today but failed due to hangover. On Friday I was
in The Al0bion in Barnet and had another mad northern encounter.
This guy walks into the pub and asks me if I am Brian Nash. This
guy's name was Kevin and he used to be a hairdresser in Liverpool
and he used to cut The Lad's hair in a basement hairdressers called
Extremes. I didn't recognise him straight away because he looked so
different from how I remember him but it was great to see him. Now
let's move on to the hangover. I went with Mrs Nash to a wedding of
a teacher that she used to work with at The Royal Chace hotel in
Barnet. We were staying the night because we had Nana Joan to
babysit the eggs for the night so we checked in early and lounged
about all afternoonand eventually went downstairs to join the
wedding party. It was my first Irish wedding and the beer was
flowing freely. I started on the guinness but had already had half a
bottle of red up in the room and eventually moved on to Beck's
because the Guinness was crap. I woke with a mild hangover and could
not eat the breakfast in bed that we had ordered and could not eat
anything until this evening but I suppose the abstainence will go
some way to removing the spare tyre. I don't think I will be able to
have a drink again until..........................later tonight!!


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