Sunday, October 29, 2006

23rd July 2001

Good evening, hope you all didn't work too hard today. Well I am
back after a hectic weekend that began at about 5.30 am on Friday
morning when me and Kev set off for a day at The Open in Lytham & St
Annes. If you don't know where that is then is is just below
Blackpool. We arrived in good time and the organisation was great
and what you would expect from the world's premier golf tournament.
We parked up in one of the big car parks (nice collection of motors
on show) and caught a bus for the short journey to the course. To
cut a long story short we watch a load of golf and a load of golfers
from various parts of the course and generally had a great day apart
from the fact that I burnt the back of my neck in the sun whilst out
on the course. We left just as a few drops of rain started to fall
and made our way back to my folks house for a spot of grub and a few
pints in a couple of local pubs. We went to a pub nearby and I was
greeted by a very familiar face. I ran into my old mate Brian Melia
who I had not seen for about fifteen years and he still looks
exactly the same and I recognised him as soon as I walked in. We
chatted about old times and mutual freinds and promised to get
together in the near future. We then went on to another pub called
The Bridge and on arrival I had a really surreal moment. As I walked
through the outer door I could hear "The Power Of Love" being played
and it wasn't until I opened the inner door that I saw it was a solo
guitar player with a tape machine giving it his best Holly
impression. It was very very loud for a pub and I think the guy must
have thought he was playing Knebworth or something We didn't stay
too late because both Kev and I were knackered and we had an early
start in the morning. We set off at about 7.30 and had a great
trouble free journey home and arrived back in London by 10.30 having
had an enjoyable 30 hours. I then spent the rest of the weekend
watching the golf on telly for the rest of Saturday and then spent
Sunday at Harris' house to watch the last day and the predictable
blow-up by Colin Montgomerie. David Duval was the eventual winner
and gave a nice speech when he was given the claret jug. A very
honest and humble man which is very unusual for an American
sportsman (no offence to our US readers). I spent Sunday night in
front of the pc leeching some mp3's from mIRC and then spent the
last couple of hours in front of the telly watching The Sopranos. I
am off to The Monarch tomorrow night to see Serial POP which is a
band of young musicians from Edinburgh. They are managed by my mate
Grant and I have wanted to see them for some time now and get my
chance tomorrow.on the gig front I have just booked some tickets to
see Low again at the Union Chapel. You may recall from earlier "wise
words" that I have been to see them at this venue before and it was
really excellent and something I am really looking forward to, shame
I will have to wait until November!!! I will report back later in
the week.


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