Sunday, October 29, 2006

10th September 2001

I will begin this week's instalment on a bit of a hippy note. Last
Friday I was waiting for the bus about 7.30pm and the sun was
starting to go down and the sky was absolutely breath taking. The
sky was a palette of orange, red and blue and constantly changing.
It got to watch this light show for about fifteen minutes and after
the first few minutes I started looking at the other people on their
way home and there were only two other people who looked up and saw
this sky. When I got on the bus I could see the horizon as I went
down Barnet Hill and it looked like the sky was on fire. I remember
some time ago doing some random writing and I wrote this passage
that said "Every day we get a gift from Mother Nature and her
generosity is often overlooked and seldom appreciated" and I guess
this twenty-minute really proves it. Still I got to see it and
really appreciated it.
Anyway, lets move on and tell you what has been happening. I am
gradually getting stuff back into the studio and got some tapes out
today and had a little review of the remaining tracks so it
shouldn't be long before I am back in full swing. I have decided to
retire my Atari, which has been a faithful servant for over ten
years, and for a jumped-up games computer I sometimes think they are
a lot more reliable and "crash-free" than modern computers.
Last Saturday we had a cultured day out a the theatre. It was the
final matinee show for Wal's West End stint in "All You Need Is
Love". Wal had promised us that there would be a few gags during the
show because it was the final one but unfortunately all gags were
cancelled because they were filming the show. KP & I took all the
kids down there and I think they all enjoyed themselves although it
may have been a little long for them. The only drawback of going to
this show was that it started at 5.00pm which was an hour before the
England v Germany game so me and Kev didn't get to see it live so I
was trying to avoid knowing the score on the way home because I had
taped it. It was a great result for England (nearly as good as the
Irish one!) but as usual the press go right over the top and make
them out to be the greatest thing since someone kicked a pig's
bladder. I feel the German team was probably the worst they have
ever had and people should not be getting too carried away.
I had a visit from my posh Aunty Lily from the Lake District. She
came to visit her daughter Ellie who has just moved down to the
smoke. I cooked dinner and was under big pressure to deliver the
goods because my Aunty Lil was a blinder on the pot (no drug
references there) and I have memories of sampling delightful dishes
when I visited her house as a kid. Both her and her husband Frank
enjoyed a good meal before popping out to my local for a few beers.
We were going to see The Hamsters at another local pub but
unfortunately they were playing the week after so we settled for a
few pints of the black stuff and a swift short or two before
bedtime. My Aunty e-mailed me a few days later wondering if I still
considered her posh now that I knew she "swigged" Caffreys which
gave me a good laugh.
Watched the footy with Harris on Wednesday and won a few bob from
the bookies by getting the correct score. The week ended with footy
when I travelled up to Liverpool to watch them play Aston Villa. The
less said about that the better.................pants.


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