Sunday, October 29, 2006

19th September 2001

Well this has been a week of live music for me. I managed to drag
myself away from the drama on television and go out and get my nads
rattled. This started on Thursday when I went with Yash to see Evo
Diablo who are a fine band of young musicians. Unfortunately, for
them, they have to play mostly other people's songs at this gig in
Palmers Green but they perform the covers with gusto. That was
nicely put wasn't it. I coudn't stay for the second half of their
set because I went down to see Afro Mart in Hackney to catch up on
all things Afro Celt and play him my new mixes. Another late night
and did not make it for the chat which was a shame and please accept
my apologies.
Saturday night and more row! Cujo headliming at The Dublin Castle in
Camden. The chicks have learned to fly and turned in a top set which
was roundly applauded by all who attended. Cujo Kev bled for his art
which was something he regretted the next day when he had a
..................sore finger. Don't laugh..... It was really,
really sore. Now all say "Aaaaaaah".I got a copy of their latest
release which was recorded with Timbo in Kidwelly. It is called "Can
Your Grandaddy Do This" and when I get my credit card shit sorted it
will be available from this site. It was recorded live and
definitely kicks botty in one or two areas. Remember where you heard
about them first ! In fact if you want to check them out then visit
their website at which will probably have a picture of
them in their gay white ties.
Monday night was down at The Fox in Palmers Green for a surprise
birthday bash for Laura of Evo Diablo. The gig was in a function
room with a noise inhibitor which switches all the gear off if it
gets too loud so don't rock too hard. Why fucking bother having gigs
if it has to played at "polite" volume. There were a lot of kids
there and a few of them got up and performed which was great to see.
I also bumped into an old mate Darren who used to play for AC
Phoenix and we had a chat, mostly about footy, no change there, and
we promised to get together again with all the Palmers Green firm. I
also saw "Mad Tom" who first made an appearance on this page at
Yash's barbeque. He was drinking........ again...........on a school
night. The youth of today.
Tonight I am out to see Serial POP at The Bull and Gate in Kentish
Town. This band is managed by my mate Grant and he tells me they
have a few people "interested" so you may hear a lot more about them
in the coming months. I am taking down my mini-disc recorder to
record the gig for him so he can play it back to them afterwards and
have an autopsy. I will probably catch the first half of The Reds in
The Chumps League and watch the highlights later. Owen to score
We now have the vids happening thanks Steve who has encoded them and
stuck them up so if you wanna see what a ginge looks like playing an
acoustic pop along to the galleries section and check them out. I
also have a bit of news on the gig front in that I will be doing
another gig in Matlock the night after The Fishpond one but I will
have more details in the next update.


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