Sunday, October 29, 2006

28th October 2001

I will begin this week with a short apology to those who turned up
in the chat room to find that I was not there. I meant to put a note
in the guestbook but I forgot as I was so busy. the reason for my
non-appearance was that I was working with Afro Mart who came up to
my studio to record me doing a bit of singing. He had wanted to help
me out for a while and I wanted him to come and help me so we
eventually got it together last Thursday. The previous days I was
sorting through my multi-tracks getting things organised so that we
could spend the whole day singing. It was great to have hime pushing
the buttons and giving me positive feedback and we managed to record
five out of the seven vocals we need to get "Le Grande Fromage"
finished. I now have two tracks left which I think may have already
got some good vocals on that can be compiled together so we are now
moving the tracks on to the fairy dust department. What happens here
is that I listen to them for a couple of days and try a few overdubs
where I think it is lacking and maybe get some extra people in to do
some stuff. I have a young lady called Laura coming in next week to
do a bit of warbling on maybe one or two tracks and then I will be
hassling Tim to find me some time to mix it all up and get the
fucker pressed and sold.
For those of you concerned about the car situation I now have my own
car back and have despatched the Corsa back to it's garage. Aaaah
power steering, what a luxury!! the car looks great now because the
two offside doors have been replaced and the bonnet and bumper at
the front. All I need to do now is smash up the drivers side doors
and it will look like a new car.
Watched the footy with Harris on Wednesday and got to see his mate
Bam who has just popped up from New Zealand. It was nice watching
Harris sweating over his precious Gooners in the Big Cup League.
They have qualified (just) and hopefully The Reds will be following
them if they beat "The Jeeeeermans" of Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday.
I had another dose of footy yesterday but nothing as grand as the
Chumps League when I took Taylor, Stevie and Daniel down to Brisbane
Road to see Leyton Orient. An old mate Andrew is the DJ and
announcer at the ground and he got us a bunch of comp tickets and I
have to say it was a great day out and the display of the Orient
players showed a bit more commitment thatn the two previous
performances by my team. They were playing top of the table Rochdale
and battered them 4-2 with some great goals and some good footy. The
only worry is that Andrew may want to go along every week following
that result. The kids enjoyed it and it was nice not to have to do a
400 mile round trip to watch some football. I know I get a lot of
stick for the sport on this page but you can't have rock 'n' roll
all the time (or Boooogie Wooooogie ).
I'm off to the studio to listen to the sound of my own voice for as
few hours. Ouch! See you next week.


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