Sunday, October 29, 2006

21st April 2002

Sorry about the two week gap since the last wise words but I have been
working which brings me to the picture above. I have been doing a rewire
for my mate who has just purchased a new flat. I was drafted in to do the
job and although I wasn't keen I thought I should do it because I have not
done a rewire since I did my own house six years ago. On day one of the
job I hit my hand with a hammer instead of hitting the chisel the hand was
holding. I was a bit out of practice and a bit careless and paid in full.
But why have you got your hands on the screen I hear you ask. Well I
thought I would ask you to lay hands on the screen and heal me. If you
have been in the UK in the last week or two you will not have been able to
avoid hearing/reading/seeing something about David Beckhams foot. The Sun,
in a stroke of journalistic genius?, put a picture of the great one's foot
on their front page and asked the nation to lay hands on it and "heal" the
England captains broken metatarsal bone. They even got Tony Blair involved
and quotes from b-list celebrities voicing their concern over Captain
Marvel's pinkies. I am sceptical as to whether this particular brand of
science is effective but being a modern forward thinking man I am prepared
to embrace alternative medicine and therapies and give it try. I would ask
you all to place your hands on my left hand (the swollen one) and pass
your positive vibes through your modems and I will let you know how I am
getting on next week. I almost forgot one other thing, my hands are rather
dry and red due to working in a dusty environment so I need some
moisturising vibes sent down the wire as well.
I have been in need of a good sarcastic rant and thank you for allowing to
vent my spleen and we can now go back to the news...... I took the kids
"Dahn The O'ws" which in non-cockney speak is a visit to Leyton Orient. We
got good seats and enjoyed the game and the chips that followed but it is
a far cry from Anfield. On the footy subject the Reds were knocked out of
the Chumps League by Bayer Leverkusen in what was a very exciting game. my
other team Millwall qualified for the play offs yesterday and I hope to
take in the home leg of the first play off which should be a very exciting
affair with plenty of atmosphere.
The Queen Mum finally "put her knife and fork down" since we last spoke
and we have had an outpouring of greif with people queueing up for hours
to walk past her coffin. I don't have any time for the Royal family and
tried my best to avoid the television coverage but failed miserably
because there was no way of escaping the long sombre faces of "royal"
correspondents telling us how much "the nation's grandmother" was loved by
everyone. I couldn't even bring myself to discuss it because they have no
relevance or bearing on my life whatsoever and it is only being mentioned
now so I can voice my own opinion about the dysfunctional bunch of losers.
I met up with the Mitten on saturday night when I went to see Wilko
Johnson playing down in New Cross. It is about 16 miles from my house and
I decided to take public transport and it only took me an hour!!!!! I was
expecting a three day camel ride and was surprised at how short the
journey was. It was interesting looking at all the different types of
architecture as you get the overground train coming out of Charing cross
station. there are loads of redeveloped tower blocks and flats that were
once probably council houses but are now owned by people who have plenty
of money becasue these humble abodes are loads of money these days.
Comparing them to the little rabbit hutches that they seem to build these
days these buildings have a bit more character. Wilko rocked and it was
nice to see Monti who was playing drums with WJ. I hadn't seem him for a
long time and it was nice to catch up. The gig was a blast and Wilko
rocked like a maniac and it was well worth the journey.
I am off to see Cujo play tonight down at the Garage which should be nice
and loud and then on Thursday I am off to see Low which will be quiet and
I will post something at the end of the week to fill you in on both.
Thanks for the mails I have had concerning the free mp3 of "TOTPA" which
you clearly enjoyed judging by your positive response. I would like to
says thanks to Irv at the FGTH website for the cd's he sent me with
various clips from the old days. There are clips of me being interviewed
and I cannot remember half of them so it shows I was having a really good
time. I am also so thin I look like I need a good pan of scouse!!! Aaaah
the 80's!! See ya soon.


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