Sunday, October 29, 2006

13th February 2002

The man playing my latest purchase in the picture above is 'Arris The
Gooner and he was in the studio this week with the rest of the Darby and
Joan club that consists of three of the former members of 70's combo Ace.
They were in the studio recording some live tracks and yours truly was at
the helm twiddling the knobs. It takes a run downhill to get them going
but when they were up to speed they boogie'ed like good 'uns and an
enjoyable time was had by all. Whilst they were warming up in the studio I
was noodling about on the guitar above and got the seeds of a new song
which I finished off today, or at least got to the first draft stage. I
think it is going to be called "Miles From Over You" and it is a ballad. I
don't usually do ballads but I was going to do some work with this young
girl singer and I thought it would be better to try and write a Mariah
Carey hit than do one of hers. I did a little demo and I think it sounds a
Had a great weekend when Mrs Nash and I went to stay in a hotel in Earls
Court with two other couples. No, don't get ahead of yourselves, it wasn't
one of those weekends. We went to see our freinds from Jersey and Lewisham
to have a night out "Up West" while my ma-in-law looked after the kids at
home. We had a great night out which almost ended in disasterous fashion
when Mrs N stumbled on a dodgy paving stone on some big heels and went
flying. First one way and then while trying to catch herself went the
other way and went through the door of a Chinese restuarant, which was
open luckily or she would have had a face full of glass. She escaped with
a very large bruise and a dent in the dignity. Kensington council are
going to hear from me. That was Friday night and on Saturday morning we
went to Tate Modern to see the Warhol Exhibition which was good although I
had seen most of the pictures before but not in "real life". We finished
our trip with lunch at The Bell, Book & Candle which has appeared in these
pages before for a nice lunch and a pint of the black stuff
I had a little chat last week with some of the chat room regulars and I am
thinking of switching the chat to 10pm instead of 11pm out of sympathy for
the people who need a good eight hours. So if you are game for a chat I
will see you there tomorrow. Finally, tonight Steven Reid scored his first
goal for Eire and won me £15. Nice one Reidy!!


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