Sunday, October 29, 2006

21st November 2001

Late night Wednesday and I have just been watching another inept
display by the Arse' in the Big Cup. they were playing Deportivo La
Coruna of Spain and my mate Mad Spanish Ben is from Coruna and he
came round to watch the game with me. I made then dinner and we
polished off several Hoegaarden's between us. I watch The Reds get
absolutely shown-up by Barcelona last night when I visited Moishe
Central in Edgware to watch the game with two cockney reds and a non
partaking Moishe. I had not seen the Sherick brothers for a while so
it was good to catch up with them but unfortunately I got caught in
the middle of two of my hosts having a slapping competition (it must
be a Jewish thing) in between fits of giggles. Lightweights but good
I was in the studio comping my vocals and using my computer which is
great for zooming in on problem tunings and tweeking them up but as
my mate Mart says "It is not a great spectator sport" and I am
really paranoid about having to wear glasses because staring at
screens all day cannot be a good thing. I will be back there
tomorrow to get my master tapes sorted out so I can go down to Wales
for a visit to Timboland and let him do his magic stuff.
Had a bit of a mad one last Friday and if it had been summer then it
would have been light by the time I got in. I met up early with
Grant as we were going to see Cujo in Kentish Town. We started off
down in Old Street and had a few jars there with Grant's old school
mate Martin who was a very funny chap with plenty of amusing stories
to tell. We headed north to pick up his mate Simon and then we
headed down to see Cujo. They rocked (no surprises there as they
always do) and the punters seemed to be enjoying themsleves. We left
there and went to some moody pub in Islington that was rammed out
and stayed there 'til about two and then back up to Belsize Park for
an appointment with half a bottle of port. I was glad that I had
stayed on the bottles and was putting the port away quite handy and
was surprised that my head wasn't minging the next morning. In fact
it was morning when I arrived home and finally got my head down at
5.10 am. Now that's Rock 'n' Roll.Well it is for a thirty something
beleive me!
I almost forgot something. On Monday night I was playing cards with
Harris at his house and we were watching The Long Good Friday which
is an eighties british gangster movie and if there is a better one
than this then I want to see it. the film is littered with brilliant
one-liners and when I met up with this guy Simon on Friday we had a
good few hours of quoting lines from TLGF at eachother. If you have
seen the film then you know what a cracker it is, if you haven't
seen it then you should. It is a shame that Bob Hoskins reached the
peak of his career so early on and has never done a movie as good as
Friday has been a long time coming. Low at The Union Chapel with
Afro-Mart, Harris and Cujo Kev. Review to follow. Keep it here.


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