Sunday, October 29, 2006

18th December 2001

I had an early start today because I was playing guitar in my son's
Christmas play. I only had to play one song but joined in with a few
others just to get a bit of Christmas spirit. Talking of which I
went for a few jars with the chaps on Sunday afternoon and was
looking forward to good banter and hopefully (very) three points for
the Reds in the televised game from Stamford Bridge. Well the less
said about that the better. Good banter but no points. I got home in
time to watch the Panorama programme which featured Sarfraz Najieb
and his family. For those of you who don't know Sarfraz is a young
Asian kid who was very badly beaten up by a group of white youths.
Two of these youths were professional footballers. The trail was
abandoned once and after the case finally got to court one player
was acquitted and one was given 100 hours community service. The
only person who was sentenced was the one who left his teethmarks in
the kids cheek, he was given six years. I don't want to get on my
soap box but I think this gives pissed-up footballers more rights
than the rest of us because I'm sure if it was an ordinary Joe who
was in the dock I beleive he would have got more than 100 hrs
community service.
On the subject of rough justice I would like to pass on some good
news about the two gentlemen pictured above. For some time now I
have wanted to include a weekly pic in the "wise words" and I
thought this would be a good place to start. For those of you who
have bought "Ripe" you will know there was a piece of text on the
liner notes about The Glasgow Two. These two men were imprisoned in
1984 for the murder of six people during the ice-cream wars in
Glasgow. Tommy Campbell and Joseph Steele were fitted up by police
and a corrupt witness who perjured himself to get off with an armed
robbery charge. The two men were released pending their appeal in
January so hopefully there release will be permanent this time
because they were released pending an appeal some years ago and due
to a cock-up in court they were sent back to gaol. Hopefully this
will be the first of many Christmas's together for these men and
their families .If you want to find out more about their case then
use the search engine on the website which is where I
got the picture from.
Did a bit of sparky work for TK in his new kitchen last week. Nice
to keep my hand in but I could have done without the journey home
from his house. He lives in South London, near Wandsworth Common and
on the way home it took me two hours and twenty minutes to travel
the eighteen miles to my house. (In the past I have reached
Liverpool in two hours and forty minutes). Needless to say my back
was in bulk for a couple of hours after that. And while we are on
the subject of aches and pains, Nigey Nige popped in to see me at
TK's house!! (sorry Nige).
I will try to update the site while I am away in Jersey over Xmas
but I am not sure if I can do it from the hotel PC. I would like to
wish all the readers of this page a very happy Christmas and a
prosperous and healthy New Year and I would like to thank all of you
for all your support throughout the year and the kind messages I
received following my Mum's death.
Peace and goodwill to you and all yours. Don't drink too much.


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