Sunday, October 29, 2006

30th November 2001

Before I fill you in on this weeks's adventures I would like to say
a few words about George Harrison. For those of you who have read
the biography part of this website you will know that George was my
favourite Beatle. I think that if I was a Beatle I would have tried
to be like George. He always seemed like he was on the best
roller-coaster ride ever. Later on in The Beatles career he wrote
what I consider to be some of their best songs. I don't know what it
was about his songs that I liked but I liked them the best. The
first album I ever owned as my own was The Beatles 66-70 and the
three Harrison compositions on the "blue" album were brilliant.
"Here Comes The Sun", "Something" & "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
I can't really say how I have felt watching these tributes but my
eyes sting. I think he used his money and influence in a positive
way and never did anything just to get his face in the papers.He
also had the best hair, which is always crucial. Rest in peace
Exactly one week ago about this time I was leaving the Union Chapel
in Islington after watching another great Low gig. I went with
'Arris and met up with Afro-Mart and Cujo Kev. Kev was a Low virgin
and I was delighted that he really enjoyed the show. They were
awesome as usual. I had my mini-disc recorder in my pocket and my
lairy microphone positioned and pressed record in my pocket.
Unfortunately before I could press the "hold" button which "freezes"
the controls on the recorder I had managed to switch it off. I came
out of the gig thinking I had a great concert to listen to but all I
had was seven seconds of silence. I enjoyed it so much that I
decided to go again the following night and managed to persuade
'Arris' mate Bam to join me. He enjoyed it but he had not heard them
before and it is quite hard to get into it in one go. I managed to
record the second night successfully and have edited it down and it
is great but not quite like being there. I have seen from the record
company website that they will be back in the spring so I look
forward to seeing them again. I may even do a few out of town gigs
as I would rather travel to see them than watch football which gets
more disappointing as the weeks go by but I will come to that later.
Went to my eldest's school fair last Saturday. Highlight of the day;
I won £23 on this thing where you put a sticker with a number on a
pound coin and stick it in a tin and someone picks a winner and that
was me. If you have read previous entires then you know school fairs
are good luck for me. I have another tomorrow at my kids primary
school so I hope to get lucky again. I wanted to go and watch Orient
tomorrow but I was out-voted in favour of school fair (I'll get my
own back next time I have the crucial vote!!!).
Took the kids up to Liverpool to see my Dad who has just had an
operation on a troublesome hand and to catch what was to be Robbie
Fowler's last appearance in a Liverpool shirt. To all The Reds who
are bemoaning the fact that God has left the building.....Stop now,
we had the best years of his career. I think he isn't the player he
was by a long way and if by some chance he is the same player then
he hasn't shown it consistently for Liverpool for a long while now.
As for the footy I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointing
it is to watch us defend a 1-0 lead at home to a poor team like
Sunderland. Here endeth the sports report (sorry MJ).
That's all for this week except I was in the studio doing a bit of
fluffing and singing and it is all coming together lovely. I will
leave the last word to George....
"Little darling, the smiles returning to their faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun and I say,
It's alright"


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