Sunday, October 29, 2006

3rd February 2002

I will begin by apologising for not making the chat on Thursday but I was
suffering from a bad cold and needed to get my head down, thankfully I am
on the mend now. The picture above is of a quarter of the cable that I
have strewn across my studio floor. To give you and idea of scale the
light in the top corner is the studio door. I have sorted all this stuff
out which should be good news for all my mates who have studios etc. I
have been doing a bit of sparking this week for Stevie B's brother Frank
in a doctors practice. I was up there again doing my bit and trying to
sort out the lighting in this place. The week was split in half by a visit
to Liverpool to see the Reds. I went up by train for a change and managed
to slip into town for a few beers after the game. The pre-match and
post-match banter was a lot more enjoyable than the game thanks to all of
the chaps involved. The game was a bit of a non-event which we won but not
by much. I had another first on the train home from Liverpool. There was a
guy on the opposite side of the carraige who was watching a DVD of "Gone
In 60 Seconds" on his laptop. Meanwhile I was entertaining myself
listening to the "Lord Of The Rings" talking book on my phone. I began to
think to myself how bizarre it was that we have all this amazing
technology at our fingertips but we can't get the trains to run on time.
Great idea to have a dvd library on your laptop so you can have a six hour
orgy of sex and violence, bombs and helicopters, in 5.1 while you are
stuck in a tunnel. I did a load of DIY last weekend while the wife and
kids went up to Liverpool for an overnight stay. My daughters bedroom
needed decorating and a new floor laying so I was hard at it for two days.
This laminate floor is a piss-take, give me real wood anyday. maybe next
weeks pic will have some of my handiwork, what do you think?


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