Sunday, October 29, 2006

10th December 2001

How many shopping days to Christmas?? I haven't even started yet
apart from the stuff I have purchased from this chair. I am lucky
because my Missus is double organised and usually starts about April
whereas I tend to go for the four hour marathon spend on 20th
Last Monday my eldest daughter became a teenager and we all went out
for pizza in a posh-ish pizza place. I ordered a rather nice roasted
vegetable pizza but in my haste to eat I really burnt the top of my
mouth on a hot slice of pepper and I have suffered from an ulcerated
gob for a week which is only just back to normal now. That will
teach me to be a greedy bastard!
I spent last Tuesday down at The Den watching Man City give Millwall
a bit of a beating and the lack of Man City fans at the ground meant
that this was the only beating that was administered that evening.
Those of you who are interested may have read something about the
racist chanting at Millwall and I can honestly say that I was aware
of the black players were booed any more than their white
counterparts. There is a racist element at Millwall but they have
taken great strides in reducing this. On the occasions that I
visited the old Den there was a lot more than there is these days
but that is probably due to the fact that the person shouting had a
lot more anonymity on a terrace than they do in the stand. An
enjoyable outing nontheless with five goals and plenty of
I went to see Captain Blaster on Friday and spent the afternoon
making music with him and Grant. We did a cover of Don Henley's
"Boys Of Summer" which was a vibe. Had a couple of bevs and
travelled by public transport which helped me get an early night
which was needed for the early start to Liverpool the next morning.
Liverpool were playing Middlesborough and I was going to meet up
with an old school mate for a swift one before the game. I hadn't
seen Seddo since I was 16 and we chewed the fat about old
classmates. Either my memory is fucked or Seddo is Mr Memory Man
because I couldn't remember hardly anyone. He also told me that
there were quite a few gay people in my year who have since come out
which is all mild compared to the sex-change music teacher and the
psychotic art teacher! A good chat was followed by a good game of
footy and a good dinner from Tam's Chippy.
Went up to the studio today for an hour or two.....we are getting
closer..........not long now..........ttfn


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