Sunday, October 29, 2006

20th January 2002

Bit of a mad week this week which began with a car crash after the Arsenal
v Liverpool game last Sunday. I wasn't intending to go out and watch the
match because I was looking after the kids but they all disappeared to
various entertainment which left me just enough time to call Harris The
Gooner and get him to pick me up on the way to Kev's to watch the game.
Anyway the less said about the footy the better. Harris, Bam and I left in
Bam's Astra and set off home. Just as we come over this blind hill we see
this car sticking out over the cycle lane and we were all thinking "she
won't will she, no surely not, she must be able to see us". Nope. She
t-bones Bam's car and he manages to avoid a bad smash by swerving into the
oncoming traffic lane which luckily had nothing coming our way. The girl
gats out the car and I think she is a bit wasted and she is denying
responsibility so Harris calls the bizzies. The police say they will send
someone so we wait. Twenty minutes later the police call back and say they
don't have anyone to send out. This is a bit shabby isn't it? Anyway a
lucky escape for one and all especially Liverpool who managed to grab a
late equaliser at Highbury and take a point that they didn't deserve. On
Tuesday I came to the rescue of an old neighbour of mine by putting in a
cooker cable. He was getting his kitchen fitted and didn't have a cooker
point for the fuck-off cooker he was installing. Nasher comes to the
rescue with Thunderbird 2, my extra large tool box, and saves the day. As
always with these sort of favours the job is a bit of a bastard and takes
me longer than anticipated. The next day I went with Mad Spanish Ben to
this studio in Islington which was having a re-fit and he was taking all
the old wiring and insulation and rubbish to be dumped. As it turns out
there is loads of multicores and old patch bays and stuff so the magpie in
me cannot resist taking the lot and distributing it amongst the many
musicians who have little studios in various places. The only problem with
this is that I now have a pile of cable that is six foot by five and about
a foot high which needs untangling. Afro-Mart was around the corner from
this studio and it just so happens that he is building a studio so Spanish
drives round to him and drops a similair amount of spaghetti in his place
as well. I have plenty of stuff for Timbo in Wales and so everybody is
very happy. On Thursday Iwent with Kev White to see Lord Of The Rings. It
was a vibe but the cinema didn't have the full monty sound system and big
screen so I think I will go and see it again with my son and his mates at
the big Warner Village with top sound and top screen. On Friday night I
went to see Cujo play at the Hope and Anchor and the picture above is
their bass player Ben. By the way, the thing sticking in his cheek is a
microphone and he hasn't started using his Remington to shave his bumfluff
mid-gig. They rocked but the venue was a bit poxy and the PA couldn't
handle the sound of the band so it was a bit disappointing for me because
they have sounded much better at other venues. I retired early because I
was going to Liverpool the next morning to meet up with Clare and The Duke
of The Babylon Posse. We went to see the Liverpool v Southampton game. We
looked great for fifteen minutes but at the end just about managed to limp
to a lame draw. Clare and The Duke went home happy after a chippy dinner
and I hope they managed to make the pub before last orders to celebrate
taking four points from The Reds this season. Now SOME people think this
demise in Liverpool's form is due to the lack of Robbie Fowler, who in my
opinion needed a change from Liverpool and had turned in more poor
performances than good ones, but it is due to the fact that Thommo is not
up to the job and in Danny Murphy and Vlad Smicer we are starting with
nine men because they are useless. We also miss the tactical nouse of Mr
Houllier who in SOME people's opinion is not a good manager. Enough said
Nikk. Sorry it went on a bit but I hope you enjoyed the length.....oo-er


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