Sunday, October 29, 2006

20th February 2002

The above picture is me watching Liverpool's Champions (?) League Game
against Galatasary of Turkey which finished 0-0. The were a few high
points but they were outnumbered by low points, two of which were the
inclusion of "Super" Danny Murphy and Vladimir Smicer. It would seem the
Champions League adventure will be drawing to an early close. Well before
I sat on the couch and vegged for two hours I was up at the studio doing
some vocals and got another one ready for the mixer. The new song I told
you about last week was recorded a little better with a better middle and
now sounds like a surefire Eurvision winner. Seriously, it does sound
quite good and next time I am in the chat room I may send the demo to the
people in the channel. Which brings me on to this week's chat. The chat
has been moved to 10.00pm but I will not be able to make it this week
because I will be out watching Cujo up in the West End with Tonto Tonini.
The house is very quiet because everyone has gone to Liverpool except me.
The kids are on half term so they have gone up for a visit which leaves me
to get on with long hours in the studio without neglecting anyone. Talking
of half-term, I took my son to the RAF Museum in Hendon and saw a whole
bunch of planes. If you are passing (on the way into London) and want to
kill and hour before getting into the rush hour traffic then you should
pop in. It is just off the A1 before you get to the end of the M1. They
had loads of planes in there and I was quite surprised at how good it was.
This museum is about ten minutes drive from my house and despite living in
this area for over ten years I had never managed to get over there. The
highlight for me was seeing a Vulcan bomber. My mate, Air Commodore Pack,
was in charge of the Vulcan Squadron and has flown over 2000 hours in one
of these machines and it is some impressive bit of kit. I think it must be
the biggest plane in there and must make a hell of a row when it takes
off. We picked up a model Harrier from the souvenir shop which, if I had
finished it, would have been this week's pic on the "wise words" but I had
to wait for the paint to dry and didn't get it finished so you will have
to wait for that particular treat until next week. I took Mad Spanish to
see Cujo on Saturday night at The Dublin Castle in Camden and they rocked
as usual. The highlight of the night for me was being propositioned by an
ugly ginger haired student on the stairway to the toilets. He stood in the
door as he opened it and said "The toilets in here are nice" to which I
replied "Are they? I haven't been" and he said "Would you like me to go
down there with you???" to which I laughed...............very loudly but
took it in good humour. On Sunday I went to see KP, Jim and Tonto at a pub
in Barnet to watch the football and have a few beers. The pub holds a quiz
night and we got involved but were not particularly enthusiastic despite
the "Cash Prize". Oh I nearly forgot.....I went to see Monsters Inc which
was very furry and vibey for kids. These cartoon animations get more and
more scary with their creative genius. How long will it be before we have
the new Tom Cruise movie starring an exact digital replica of TC and he
just gets paid for the use of his image. Can you imagine how the porno
industry would use this new technology?????? Sandra Bullock gives head to
Arnold Schwarzenegger / Meg Ryan. Your preference. On second thoughts we
could always have an alternative version of "Freinds"???


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